Be Happy

A happy staff is a productive staff. Go ahead-decorate your desk. Keep a fish. Make a 'chillax corner' for staff. See CBS News 'Happy Worker, Better Worker' and Visual.y's Happy Worker vs Sad Worker.


Messiness doesn't necessarily mean busy-ness. Oh no. But it could slow you down a plenty. See Forbe's '10 tricks to de-clutter your office'.


300 k/Mh
Speed up your internet lines. The faster you get there, the faster work gets done.


Own you documents. Tag 'em!

Want to know how it works? See video on the right.


Be water

Taking the philosophy from Bruce Lee, he explains that one must be like water adapting to the surroundings to achieve maximum impact. Throw away the useless )- keep the useful. Be water, my friend.


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