What is Connect 4M

Connect 4M is a  complete integrated web based campus (school/college/university) management software, that covers each and every function of the institution starting from Admission to Alummi Club. It is an interactive platform for all stakeholders including Management, Teaching and Non-Teching Staff, Administrator, Librarian, Student, Parent and so on.


The first of its kind, comprehensive campus automation package connecting every user in the institution with an exclusive user id and password. Based on the customer needs, new modules can be incorporated with this portal. 


Why Connect 4M

  • Zero investment on hardware and software as you pay per use.

  • Need of the hour to stay competitive with other institutes.

  • Implementation will take only 2 weeks from data collection.

  • In built with E-Mail and SMS Notification.

  • 24/7 technical support.

  • Highly configurable and customizable.

  • Available on cloud with state of art web technology.


The Benefits

  • Improves overall campus productivity, as all stakeholders can use the system simultaneously from anywhere and anytime.

  • Quick decision making is now possible with complete set of data availability.

  • Significant cost saving as it leads to paperless campus (Go Green Initiative).

  • No communication gap among stakeholders as it provides multiple channels such as web, e-mail and SMS.

  • Optimum resource utilization as they are organized in a systematic way.

Connect 4M

This is a web based portal, connecting Managements, Tutors, Students and Parents of educational institutes, otherwise known as Connect"4M" standing for Motivators, Mentors, Mentees and Monitors.

Campus News

This module will let students, parents and tutors see latest notices or messages. In addition, system will automatically generate emails or send SMS with the notice content to all or selected group of students, parents and tutors.

Address Book

This is a student and staff profile directory, which enables the user to look for any particular user details (sharable information).User can update certain personal particulars of their as and when required. Photo upload facility is built-in with this module.

Resource Booking

Using this module, students and tutors can book institute resources such as library books, sports equipments, Lab items etc which can be used by students or tutors. This also enables the institute admin to manage the usage of common sharable items in a more optimized way.


This is a web-based email like yahoo or hotmail and it will be maintained forever. They are free from pop-ups and advertisements. Emails will be in this format, myname@connect4M- .com.

Lectures Notes and Q&A

Lectures notes can be posted and it will be made available for student to download. Q & A section allows students to post questions to certain groups or to a particular tutor. The past questions and answers can be shared with all students, if the owner of the question permits.

Time Table

Through this module, Students and Tutors should be able to check their up-to date time table with class details such as Subjects, Date, Time, Lecture Hall or Lab etc.This will also have exam schedules.


Institute designated admin or staff can upload internal exam and assignment results in a bulk way as soon they are ready to publish. Students and parents can view the results and take a print out for their reference.


This module allows students, parents and tutors to set-up their own forum and invite like minded people, who can be from their institution or across connect"4M" network. This will be closely monitored by moderator, Girls/boys only. Blogs are allowed so as to provide extra layer of security for particular topics.


Students and Parents can view the attendance. If a student does not maintain required attendance, he/she will get email/SMS notification, which is configurable.

Campus Tube

This allows students and tutors to upload any videos, related to campus activities such as project, experiments, speech from chairman, award ceremony, college day function that can be shared with other students after getting approval from the administrator.

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